The love of cooking

Some say your born with it. Others may say they were surrounded by it as a child. Or maybe you just had no choice but to learn how to cook to survive. Or possibly it could of been created by watching Sunday morning cooking shows on channel 2 as a young child. I just might know someone where that statement is true….

For me, I would help my mom here and there growing up and attempt at cooking a meal, but my love for cooking really didn’t start until recently.

My husband always did the cooking. I watched him and helped when I could. I must of packed some knowledge away somewhere in my brain that I pulled out later. We would laugh because my specialty was making burritos. You know the kind with beans and cheese in a tortilla and then cooked in the microwave. I actually lived on them growing up! And that is why he always did the cooking. But that has changed. It changed when I found the time to learn.

My husband had a great opportunity with work, so It was time to make a change for our family. A change we had been planning and dreaming of for awhile. So after 16 years in the corporate world I said goodbye. My work was now taking care of my family. That is when my love for cooking began, and I’m so happy I was able to find it!!


When did your love for cooking begin?


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