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Welcome to City Foodie Farm! I’m April, and for a long time, I dreamed of having a blog but didn’t know what to write about. After leaving my 9-5, I learned to cook, get creative with ingredients, and developed a new love for cooking and sharing recipes. That’s when City Foodie Farm was created. I’ve been having so much fun creating recipes. That’s what you’ll find on this site, well that and gardening stuff. You can also find more on my Youtube Channel. If you don’t like reading a blog you can listen here. I hope you find something here that inspires you or helps fuel your love for cooking or gardening! Search for a recipe or keep scrolling for the most recent blog posts. Thanks for stopping by!



Featured Recipe:

Winter Quinoa Salad

This Winter Quinoa Salad is power packed with healthy ingredients! Don’t let “Healthy” fool you. This Quinoa Salad will amaze you with its flavor! I love this colorful dish!! It’s perfect for the New Year!!

With each bite of this Winter Quinoa Salad, you’ll get a delightful taste of some roasted vegetables, goat cheese, exciting pops of pomegranate seeds, and quinoa; all dressed with a homemade vinaigrette.

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