Learn. Garden. Cook. Repeat.

Do you have a garden? Or inspired to create one? Then your in the right spot! You can grow stuff anywhere. Believe me…In our yard, grass isn’t that important. Growing useful stuff is!! And in the process creating a space for all the bees, butterflies, birds and critters. And we love being able to use what we grow in our garden to table meals.

Follow us on a journey of creating new dishes & digging in the dirt! We hope our love for food and gardening inspires you! Our focus is using wholesome ingredients in our recipes. And when we can, food from our garden.

Learn to cook and utilize your garden veggies. Our recipes will help you along the way with step by step instructions. Please look around, you just might find a new recipe to try……


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Happy 2020!! Learn. Grow. Love. ❤️


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