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Are you curious about us? I’m April with City Foodie Farm, the one behind this blog, and all the recipes. I guess you could say at the moment, blogging has turned into my creative outlet. For years, I’ve dabbled in photography so blogging goes hand in hand. It wasn’t until recently, I grew fond of writing.

Gardening has always been my passion. I’ve grown up with it. My grandma loved gardening and she inspired so many. She always had a huge vegetable garden and plant sales every spring. She also made the best pickles. I miss her dearly.

My mom taught us everything she learned from her, and now I’m continuing the tradition and teaching my children. Growing stuff is in our blood. I can’t say I’ve always had a green thumb. Sometimes I question it when I can’t keep my house plants alive.

Now I’ve added cooking to my list of loves. Cooking is new to me. My specialty when I first met my husband was burritos. Bean & cheese burritos to be exact. Over the years my husband always took the lead when it came to cooking, and home projects. With life comes change, I said goodbye to a career I grew up at and put my family first. That’s when I developed my love for cooking, writing, and creating. The skills I’m using today!

I started by following recipes, and it grew from there. Now I love creating my own. Summer months are always fun when you can tiptoe through the garden and create a meal in your head. The winter can get challenging.

Even if you don’t cook but love food, you can learn! Trust me. Learning something new can be fun! If you start by following step-by-step instructions, you too will be able to create your own meals for you and your family. It’s all about trial and error and allowing yourself time to develop that skill. Follow along, and share your journey with me! I hope you find something at City Foodie Farm that inspires you! Thank you for being here!


Learn. Garden. Cook. Repeat.

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