Meal planning

With this cold weather I have meal planning on my mind. This is the time of year when cooking can be fun. Things slow down and with the holidays coming up you really try to hold on to every little cent.

Let’s be honest, I am terrible at meal planning. When I go to sit down and plan, I always struggle with picking the meal and then for what day. Maybe it’s because I hate committing. Or maybe it’s because I operate based on my feelings. Can anyone else relate? Seriously, I could have one thought or plan for a meal and totally change it last min. I know meal planning works for some people and can save your family a lot of money. But don’t get discouraged to try it if your like me.

One idea is every week write down a few meal options and be willing to mix and match when needed. We all know things can come up and being flexible is key. Don’t let it discourage you. In the long run cooking at home will not only save you money but be a benefit to your family.

If you have any Meal Planning advice please share,


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