Homemade pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s definitely a staple in our house. If we’re not at my kids favorite restaurant Punch Napoleon (Wood fired pizza) we are making it at home. We used to order a lot of delivery when our kids were younger until we got so sick of it and man it gets expensive!! Especially if your eating it once a week.

My favorite kind of pizza involves lots of sauce. Like a Chicago style. I’ve always been a saucy girl as I call it. No, not that kind of sauce. But really, so when I make pizza I make sure there is plenty on it! Maybe that’s why I love making my own. And honestly it’s a huge money saver if you make your own. Once you learn how to make it, you won’t want to order pizza again. Well unless you get too busy and forget to make the dough, then you’ll be calling for delivery.

Homemade Chicago style deep dish
A taste of summer pizza
{Cooked on the grill}

It looks like pizza might be on the menu tonight!! I’ll try to fill you in soon on how you can make some too! Stay tuned!!

Happy Friday,


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