On the fence about gardening?

Have you ever wanted to create a space to grow your own food, or a spot to grow flowers? I know, it seems like a daunting task at first. Especially if your not familiar with gardening. Maybe it’s something you start to dabble in, but back away for the shear thought of putting all this work into something that might not work out. Or, if you’ve had experience with stuff dying. I know exactly what your thinking. Been there many times….


Have you ever bought a beautiful hanging basket only to have it die, and get crispy in a couple weeks. Man, I hate that! Then you over saturate it thinking it will come back to life? Yep, I’ve definitely done that! And thankfully sometimes it does work. But for those times it doesn’t, man that’s so disappointing. The money, the time, the dreams.

I can tell you right now, every single year is different. In my experience, It all depends on the weather. But we all know, the one thing to keep your plants alive is keeping them watered. If you can keep up with that, then you’ll see some success off the bat.

Treating your plants like your babies will also make them thrive. And when you start to see success in your garden, guess what…your plants will repay you in produce or a beautiful view. Your yard will not only be for you, but for others. You’ll start to see more bees, butterflies, and more insects. And more birds and critters will stop by for a visit. And that is a beautiful thing!


Start small. It’s ok to dip your toes in a little and see if it’s for you. It just might awaken your soul. If your like me, and dealing with the snow. You have plenty of time to ponder the idea, or create a plan for spring. What do you have to lose…..



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