Crispy Taco Seasoned Potatoes

Crispy Taco Seasoned Potatoes

Are you looking for a new way to use up your leftover Taco Ingredients? If so, I’ve got a dish for you…

These Crispy Taco Seasoned Potatoes are perfect to pile on all those leftover ingredients. Plus these potatoes will make an easy weeknight meal!

No taco shells or chips are needed with this dish. You will be coating some diced red potatoes in taco seasoning, oil and then baking them in the oven. When they are done cooking, you can add whatever topping you want. This dish is going to reinvent your leftovers. Let me tell you, this dish is so good!

Homemade tacos are one of my favorite meals to make during the week.

The main reason is because they are just so good! They are quick to make, plus you always seem to have leftovers. I know eating taco after taco can get kind of boring. That’s why it’s nice to have some different ideas to put these leftovers to good use. That’s the real reason I came up with this recipe. I just couldn’t eat another taco…haha.

If your a fan of nachos, you are going to love this meal! Instead of chips, you’ll be using the seasoned red potatoes at the bottom and then piling on what ever ingredients you want. When I made mine I added some taco meat, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa and some jalapeño slices. It was so good!


Little red potatoes are a favorite in our house.

If you haven’t tried our Crispy Smashed Red Potatoes before, you’ve got to try them! We also love using little red potatoes when we make some weekend hash. These little red potatoes are easy to dice up and sauté with some peppers and onions too! They are delicious!! Thankfully I still had a pile of these little red potatoes to use up.

Now let’s go over how you can make these Crispy Taco Seasoned Potatoes at home.

First you’ll want to wash and scrub a pile of red potatoes, diced them up leaving the skins on.

Next add then to a sheet pan, drizzle on some olive oil (Sunflower oil best ) and sprinkle on half a pack of taco seasoning. Then gave them a toss, make sure every potato is coated. You can also add more if you’d like.

Lastly you’ll want to add about 3 cloves of garlic. You’ll want to smash your garlic into a couple pieces and add them in with the potatoes. Roasted garlic will really give this dish great flavor.

Now your ready to bake your potatoes at 350-400 degrees for 30-40 mins. If you want your potatoes a little crispy, make sure to increase the temp at the end. These Crispy Taco Seasoned Potatoes are going to be the perfect base for your delicious leftover taco ingredients!

Watch the how to video on Youtube


I really enjoyed making this dish and I hope you get to enjoy it too! These Crispy Taco Seasoned Potatoes are simple to make and can really turn those leftovers into something fun and delicious! I think you’re going to love this meal!



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