8 MN Restaurants to get takeout from during the Covid-19 Pandemic

8 MN Restaurants to get takeout from during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Are you sick of cooking? Don’t worry, some MN restaurants are now offering some amazing takeout. I wanted to share what we’ve experienced recently with takeout in MN.

I’ll be sharing a list below of my favorite 8 MN restaurants to get takeout from during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Times are definitely different for all of us right now, especially for restaurants and many businesses. Some have closed because of Covid-19, and others are really getting creative and offering many options for takeout and curbside pickup, which I’m so thankful for!

If you’re looking to try something new during these closures, I’ll be filling you in on some restaurants I’ve tried so far. If your avoiding takeout altogether, I totally understand. But if you feel the need to venture out and pick something up, there are many options available.

We are all home and cooking way more than normal these days. Sometimes takeout is needed. It’s also a great way to help support our local restaurants in the process. We truly do have some amazing restaurants here in MN. Let’s do what we can to keep them around.

Lately, as a family, we’ve had fun trying some new places and also getting takeout from some of our favorites. Sadly, we do miss going out and being able to dine in, especially with date nights. But it’s been nice for the kids to experience some of the really nice restaurants at home. That probably wouldn’t have happened before. It’s our little silver lining moment, that’s for sure.

With the news of more and more places having to close, it makes me want to do more, hence this blog post.


Ok, Here’s that list I’ve been talking about…

1. Young Joni

My husband and I recently had a date night at Young Joni’s before Covid-19, and they blew us away with their amazing pizza. The restaurant is dark and so cozy inside. It’s a perfect place for a date night or just a place to meet some friends. They even have a photo booth to capture some memories. We can’t wait to go back!

You know a restaurant must be good when it’s hard to get a reservation. When we went, we had to eat a little later than normal, but let me tell you it was worth the wait! Thankfully there are some local breweries nearby. Times are definitely different now but don’t worry you can still get some amazing food from Young Joni’s.

Yes, Young Joni is open for takeout orders.

You can call and order what you want, and easily pay over the phone. They will give you a pickup time so you can safely pick up your order while keeping your distance.

Being able to get takeout from Young Joni was just perfect. We’ve been wanting to bring our kiddos there for a while now. You see, our family loves pizza. We also love making it and finding new restaurants to try.

My daughter loves Punch Neapolitan pizza and she’s been on a mission to find more pizza places to try. Are you curious about what she thought of Young Joni’s pizza? I can tell you she rated it quite high on her pizza scale.

Pizza is not the only thing to order at Young Joni’s… It’s also all the sides. We absolutely loved their cauliflower dish. Mmm. They also offer delicious chicken wings, as well and many other dishes.

We feel Young Joni’s was a great restaurant to get takeout from.

Now that the weather in MN is starting to warm up, I think a little pizza picnic in the park sounds just right…

I’ll leave you with one piece of advice…if their phone is busy, keep trying. Yes, it’s that good!

Here’s a link to order from Young Joni


2. Spoon and Stable

We were so surprised and excited to hear that one of the best restaurants in MN was actually doing takeout. My husband had an opportunity to eat at Spoon and Stable awhile ago and was blown away.

We’ve been planning to go there together, but with the virus, our plans have been put on hold. I’m sure, I’m not the only one that has been dreaming about a date night, at a fancy restaurant. Times are definitely different, and we are all learning how to adapt.

This takeout was a real treat!

With our upcoming dating anniversary (Yes, they are special too), we felt takeout from Spoon and Stable was exactly what we needed! This date night also included the kids. It was still special because the kids also got to enjoy a meal from Spoon and Stable at home with us. They enjoyed their meal, but their favorite was the dessert. Just wait till you see the pictures. Mmm.

My husband ordered the pork chop, and he said it was one of the best pork chops he’s ever had. I ordered the spring pasta dish, which was delicious! We also shared the salad and Brussel sprouts. Everything was so good! To top it off, my husband was also able to order a bottle of wine with our meal.

Spoon and Stable really made it easy to order takeout from them.

You simply order and pay online. When you arrive at your designated time, you do curbside pickup. My husband said they gracefully put our package of food on his front seat and sent him on his way. Talk about service. If you’re looking for something special during all the closures, I recommend that you try Spoon and Stable.

One piece of advice, don’t forget the dessert!

Here’s a link to order from Spoon and Stable


3. Centro

Have you heard of Centro? If you’ve never tried it, you really should! They serve amazing authentic Mexican food. It’s located in NE Mpls, in a really cute area. The streets are paved with cobblestones, and it’s within walking distance to Indeed brewery. It’s also attached to their sister restaurant, Popol Vu, which would be another amazing place to try.

My husband and I discovered this place about a year ago. We love it! It’s not just the food, but it’s also the atmosphere. It’s a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat or a fun place to meet some friends.

If your craving some Mexican food right now Centro is currently offering curbside pickup.

You can order and pay right online. We recently ordered the family taco pack, online it’s called Tacos para cuatro. The meal included some chicken tinga, rice & beans, and homemade corn tortillas. This meal allows you to make your own tacos at home. You can also order some sides if you’d like. Takeout from Centro will definitely make your taco Tuesday even better!!

We really enjoyed getting takeout from Centro.

The night we ordered, the only thing I had to make for dinner was some homemade guacamole. I could have ordered it from Centro, but I couldn’t let my ripe avocadoes go to waste, right? It went well with their homemade tortilla chips! Mmm.

We also were able to order some Mexican cokes. The kids thought that was really cool. To top it off…with the leftovers we were able to make up some frozen burritos for future meals. Win-win.

Here’s a link to order from Centro


4. Surly

Have you heard of Surly? I’m guessing you’ve tasted their beer? But did you know they also serve food? Yes, Surly serves fresh beer and amazing food at their Mpls location. It’s a brewery and a restaurant.

A couple of years ago, I had the chance to do a brewery tour with my mom and sisters. We had such a fun time sampling some of their food and learning about their beer, and exactly how it’s made. I highly recommend doing both!

When Surly pizza finally opened, we had to bring the kids to try their pizza. As I’ve said before, my family loves pizza, so we had to try it! If you’re wondering, my daughter, rated it pretty high on her pizza scale. I would also have to agree, it’s good! If you’ve never tried their food, right now is a great time! They make it easy to order online, and do curbside pickup!

Here’s a link to order from Surly


5. Joan’s in the park

Have you ever been to Joan’s in the park? Over the years, we’ve heard great things about this restaurant. It’s a cute, yet fancy little restaurant, that specializes in making things from scratch and using local ingredients. For years we’ve been wanting to try this restaurant, and every time we passed by, we were reminded.

When we heard that Joan’s in the park was actually doing takeout, we had to try it, and I’m so glad we did! We ordered their roasted chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, roasted carrots with pumpkin seeds, homemade bread, and a bottle of wine. Their gravy was delicious! The chicken also came with a container of this sweet sauce. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but it was amazing!

The food at Joan’s in the park feels special.

The takeout meal was so warm, and comforting. It felt like something homemade, you know, one you make on a Sunday. Next time, we won’t wait as long to go back and try it again.

Here’s a link to order from Joan’s in the park


6. Brasa

Brasa has always been one of my favorites. If you’ve never been there, it’s a great place to get some creole inspired food. They serve a variety of rotisserie meats, rice & beans, and some greens. It’s also a great place to get takeout from.

My favorite thing to get from Brasa is the pulled chicken sandwich, and their crispy yuccas, we always order extra of those. My husband would attest that their green sauce is one of the reasons we go there! Brasa really makes it easy to order takeout. You just order and pay right online. If you’ve been wanting to try Brasa, now is a perfect time!

One advice, don’t forget the green sauce!

Here’s a link to order from Brasa


7. Szechuan

Have you been craving some Chinese food lately? Me too! Szechuan is open, and it’s a perfect place to order some takeout. It’s great for those days you don’t feel like cooking, we’ve all had those moments. Sometimes you just want to pick up something quick, and authentic. Szechuan makes it easy to order takeout right over the phone, or online.

We just love this place. Every time we order food from Szechuan we enjoy trying something new and something spicy. We love all the peppers they use in their dishes. Look at the pictures below, can you spot the dish that’s spicy? They offer so many options at Szechuan, spicy or not. Mmm, delicious!

Here’s a link to order from Szechuan


8. The Groveland Tap

What’s not to love about the Groveland Tap. This place has always been a family favorite. It’s not just the food, but it’s also the atmosphere at the restaurant. It’s somewhere the kids enjoy going too! We have so many fond memories there playing the arcade games. We also have so many duckies from playing the claw machine. The Groveland Tap also serves the BEST fried pickles.

We do miss being able to dine in, so we thought why not try their takeout. You can easily order online and pick up at the door. To our surprise when we sat down to eat our food, it was still hot.

Let me tell you about the burger…

My husband got the Juicy Lucy, and it was definitely juicy. Napkins were required but in a good way. The chicken sandwich was served on ciabatta bread, and it was delicious. The kids also enjoyed their meals. The fries and their famous ranch sauce is always a hit! The beer was cheap, so it was a welcomed add on.

If your craving some burgers and fries, The Groveland Tap is definitely a place to try!

Here’s a link to order from The Groveland Tap


Are you getting hungry?

Good! That was the main point of this post. I want everyone to know what’s out there. In MN, we do have some pretty amazing restaurants available. Now go, and order some local food. You won’t be disappointed!! If you liked this post, please share it with others, and do what you can to support the local restaurants. Stay safe, and make sure to eat some good food!

Remember food isn’t just for eating, it’s also for creating memories!



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