Roasted chickpea, sweet kale and red quinoa wrap with homemade oven fries

I guess it’s another meatless meal. Not intentionally but I’m cooking with the ingredients I already have. Good thing my husband had some meat for lunch today lol.

Roasted chickpeas actually sounded really good to me today and pairing it with my favorite salad mix and red quinoa = a win!

I thought of making a grain bowl for dinner. But I felt like we needed something more substantial, so I created a wrap using a flour tortilla. And for our side homemade oven fries.

What you’ll need:

•1 can of chickpeas

•1 cup of red quinoa

•1 pack of sweet kale mix (from target)

•3-4 Russet potatoes

•Olive oil

•Salt and pepper

• 1 pack of flour tortillas

•2 lemons


Roasting your chickpeas:

Open your can of chickpeas, wash and drain in a strainer.

Place them in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, honey and the juice of 1 lemon. And add a dash of salt and pepper. Toss on sheet pan minus the liquid left behind. And cook at 350 degrees for 20-30 mins until crispy and golden.

The end product…Roasted chickpeas

Oven fries:

Wash and dry 3-4 Russet potatoes. Place the potato on its side and cut it into 1/2 inch slices then cut them into the width you’d like for your French fries leaving the skin on. Place on sheet pan. Drizzle with olive oil (don’t be shy it’s prevents them from sticking) and salt and pepper. Toss them arrange them on the cookie sheet so everyone has a place. Cook at 350-400 degrees for about 45 mins. I cooked the chickpeas and oven fries at the same time. My fries took almost an hour. I think increasing the heat will speed things up.

The end product….Oven fries

Red quinoa:

Quinoa is kind of like cooking rice. One cup of quinoa to 2 cups water.

Just like when I cook rice I always back off the water a bit. I use 1 3/4 cup water. With this quinoa I also used the juice of 1/2 lemon. Thinking that might give it some flavor? Also salt and pepper. Red quinoa in my opinion has a stronger earthy flavor. Different from the normal quinoa. I think it looks prettier but I maybe prefer the other variety.

So when you add your quinoa to the water, stir occasionally. When it starts to boil turn on low and cover.

I usually forget about it and after 20 mins open the lid and it’s done.

The end product. Taste it, it probably needs some salt.

Sweet kale salad mix:

This is my favorite. And I know it’s healthy.

Look at the superfood ingredients!!

Mix up a bowl full. The mix comes with dressing, 2 pouches (I used 1) and pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. Toss some in. Then add your chickpeas and quinoa and mix together.

Now it’s ready for your tortillas or any wraps you have. I warmed mine up on the stove. Add any cheese if desired.

Definitely a easy meal if you had some items prepped before hand.

Easy and healthy,



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