Garlic and Herb Chicken

Garlic and Herb Chicken

This Garlic & Herb Chicken is my go-to chicken recipe. I just love it! This dish is so flavorful and simple to make. Plus there is no measuring needed and you only need a handful of ingredients to complete this dish!

This Garlic and Herb chicken has great flavor. The flavors of the garlic, onions, and herbs complement each other quite well, they are a match made in heaven. This recipe calls for a lot of garlic and that’s what makes the chicken taste so good! The fresh herbs help with the flavor too. Let’s be honest…Herbs make any dish better!


We all need simple meals, right? Ones we can whip together fast. This Garlic and Herb Chicken is your dish. It can be put on a quick salad, maybe a wrap, or served with vegetables of your choice. This is my go-to chicken dish because it’s so versatile

The week can get pretty busy with kids, and sports and you may find yourself exhausted at the end of the day from work. That can really make it hard to prepare dinner sometimes, but having some meals that are simple to throw together helps to avoid getting takeout. We all know that’s a struggle at times.


I love the fresh herbs in this dish, but If you don’t have any just use what you have. I’ve even just used the garlic and onions and It was still delicious! I can’t WAIT to have some fresh herbs from the garden. Can you tell I’m excited about spring? We are less than 60 days away. It’s nice and sunny today but still surrounded by snow. Soon, soon we’ll be hearing the birds chirping.

I also love garlic and it’s a huge part of this dish! So years ago I tried planting an enormous amount of garlic, about 200 cloves, I had high hopes they would all make it but about half came up. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I may have planted them too close together. Also, you want to buy heads of garlic that are grown locally. Not garlic that grew in a different state.

That was probably my other mistake. I think I planted some garlic I bought at the store. It was still fun to try growing a massive amount. Gardening is always an experiment that I’m willing to try 😁.


This year we didn’t plant an enormous amount of garlic but we did plant about 60 cloves. I can’t wait to see them come up in the spring. They are the first green thing you’ll see poking up through the snow. It truly gives me hope for the season.

Now you know I Love growing garlic and flat out just LOVE it!! Hehe. I’m definitely keeping the vampires away!! I swear all the dishes I cook contain garlic. I promise in the near future I’ll be doing a post on how you can easily grow your own. 😁


If you want to cook with me please visit My Youtube Channel.

Now, let’s get back to the Recipe…


-2 Chicken Breasts

-Sliced Onions-about half an onion

-Smashed garlic-3-4 cloves

-Handful of herbs- thyme & rosemary

-Salt & pepper

-Olive Oil

-Chicken Stock/water optional



-Start by adding olive oil to a saute pan. When the oil is up to temperature add in your onions and smashed garlic and cook on medium heat. Season with a little salt and pepper. Continue to cook until they soften.

-Prepare your chicken breasts.

Note: I find some chicken breasts to be quite thick. I cut mine in half. This allowed me to only use 1 chicken breast for this meal. This works if the chicken breast is thick. Season with salt and pepper before adding to the saute pan.

-Saute your chicken breasts.

Note: So your onions and garlic don’t burn add them to the top of your chicken breast. You can now add in the sprigs of herbs. No need to chop or remove the stems just throw them in. They will be part of the presentation of the dish. Herbs make anything look fancy. Add a little chicken stock or water, but you don’t have to. Cover while it cooks to keep the moisture in.


Cook your chicken breasts on both sides until it’s done.

Note: Approx 8-10 mins on medium-high heat, depending on how thick your chicken breast is. You can always take the internal temperature of your chicken breast. It should be 165 degrees.

-Now is the best part…You can eat!

This Garlic and Herb Chicken is a dish I make often for my family and I hope you can try making it. If you enjoy this recipe please share it with a friend and send them back to City Foodie Farm 😁.

Let’s get back to GARLIC. I love that stuff. We grow it every year. If you’ve never grown it, you should. It’s pretty easy. Probably one of the easiest things to grow. You plant it in the fall, before Halloween. If you live in a state that has snow, you’ll want to plant it before the temps drop or your hands will be frozen trying to make the holes to plant the cloves (been there, done that!) It’s not fun at all…



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