Today feels like a chicken noodle soup day…..

Today feels like a chicken noodle soup day…..

Fall is when things slow down for me, there are no gardens to tend to, and a daily cup of tea is needed! Things do indeed slow down, until the rush of the holidays. But, for now, I’m savoring that tiny little window.

One of my family’s favorite meals is a hot bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. Or, as we call it Grandma Anne’s soup. What a perfect way to start my blog, and honor this wonderful woman, who we sadly lost last October. We call it Grandma Anne’s soup because it was a soup she made my husband when he was little.

We make ours a little different, but we carry it on using her homemade noodle recipe. With every slurp, we remember her. And surprisingly, my daughter (the vegetarian) will still eat this soup. She knows how it’s made too. I’m pretty sure she makes an exception because it’s Grandma Anne’s soup. Plus it tastes good! 😁

Chicken noodle soup in a pot

I’ll teach you how to make this delicious homemade soup. Soon this will be warming your belly too!!

Cook with us. Watch while you make this delicious soup! You can find the how-to video here


What you’ll need for your stock:

•One stockpot to hold all your ingredients

•1 frozen rotisserie chicken (Rotisserie chickens can be used for a meal and then frozen for future stock)

• 3 large carrots, 1 onion, 1 leek, and 3 stalks of celery -cut in half

Now add your water. Make sure the water covers your ingredients. Approximately 16-20 cups of water

Set on low. You can keep your lid on or off. I usually will leave it on but leave a little gap to let steam out.

Your stock needs time to cook so set it and forget it for many hours…A good window approx 10 am to 4 pm? Or if you’re in a pinch you can add less water = a shorter cook time.

You can prep your ingredients ahead of time, or wait until your stock is ready. But this is what you’ll need for your soup…


Next, you’ll want to get your other ingredients ready:

You will need 1 onion, 1 leek, 3 stalks of celery, and 3 carrots – diced. I always like to dice my veggies and store them on a prep plate. If you do this before your chicken stock is done you can wrap it with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge.

Once the stock is ready

you’ll want to remove the chicken & veggies from the stockpot. It’s handy to use kitchen tongs to remove all the big pieces and place them directly into a garbage bag. Any little pieces left behind can be strained through the fine mess strainer.

But before straining and adding the liquid you’ll want to saute all those veggies located on your prep plate. The onions, celery, and carrots. Start by adding olive oil to the pot. Cook on medium heat. Add 1 vegetable at a time and season as you go with salt and pepper.


Once the vegetables are soft you can ladle the stock through a fine mesh strainer right into your sauteed veggies. I really recommend a Chinois strainer. Chinois is pronounced shin’-wah. It’s a great strainer for making stock. It’s a fine mesh strainer, it will collect all the little particles that can make your stock cloudy. You can find them on Amazon.

Once your stock has been strained and added to the veggies you’ll want to check for seasoning. Salt is what is going to make your soup come alive. Once it has the right taste, you’ll want to start making your homemade noodles.

What you’ll need for Homemade noodles:

1 egg
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp milk
1 cup flour

Now, mix all the ingredients together. If you find it’s too dry, just add some milk and continue to mix it together until combined. If it becomes to sticky to roll out add a little flour.


Now it’s time to roll out and cut your noodles into strips. Remember to sprinkle the noodles with flour so they don’t stick together. I have fond memories of my daughter trying to help. She always wanted some dough to play with 😁.

Now add your noodles to your soup and let them cook for an additional 10-15 mins before serving. Check your soup for seasoning one last time before dishing up. You’ll know when its ready 😁.


Warm bread and salted butter is a great addition to this meal! My family loves this soup so much and I hope it becomes a family favorite for you as well.

Stay Cozy,


Learn. Garden. Cook. Repeat.


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