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Easy BBQ chicken sandwich topped with coleslaw

Do you need a easy meal tonight? I love picking up a rotisserie chicken for those days I need something quick! And the reason I love rotisserie chicken is you can freeze the rest to make chicken noodle soup, or just some stock. It’s like 2 meals in one. If you need a soup recipe, […]


Crispy Chicken Tacos

These Crispy Chicken Tacos are so good! Forget taco Tuesday. I would welcome these Crispy Chicken Tacos any day of the week. The chicken in these tacos is baked not fried. So this is a great healthy alternative to any fried chicken tacos. Are you curious how to make these Crispy Chicken Tacos? Don’t worry […]


Spicy Turmeric Chicken with Roasted Zucchini & Apple Chutney

There is just something about turmeric I love. Maybe it’s the color, or maybe I love it because, I know turmeric has so many health benefits. Way too many to list. One thing I’ve always remembered, is it’s known to help with inflammation. There are many ways you can benefits from turmeric, with teas, supplements […]