Growing in small spaces

Growing in small spaces

Well, of course I dream of someday living in the country with a huge vegetable garden and some chickens. The problem is I also love being close to the city. With endless amounts of amazing restaurants and shops close by, it would be hard to say goodbye. Sometimes it’s a little too convenient, but so welcoming.

I do like the challenge of growing what I can on my little plot of land. It isn’t much, just a small city lot. But I still feel like you can grow what you want, if you utilize what you have. The same concept goes for your house. Utilize what have. Who says you need something huge. For me, it has to be a place that is inspiring and somewhat magical. I guess that’s why I love old houses.

Long ago, we didn’t have much of a growing area. Mainly planted in pots on our deck. But that all changed when we cut down a tree on our side yard. It was a tree that always dropped truck loads of sticks every year. It just got to be too much. Thankfully our neighbor agreed it needed to go.

After the tree was gone it opened up our new vision for our growing area. We started small adding a couple raised bed planters from reused wood. After our first year, we discovered our love for growing vegetables and it grew from there!!


Every year, it seems like we are adding another planter box or something we can plant in. We even created a upfront garden (garden in front of my front landscaping) it required a ton sod removal on my part. I was really hoping for a pumpkin patch in the front, but unfortunately no pumpkins. We didn’t stick to companion planting in that garden and we didn’t see much success. My guess is there was also an issue with the soil. Next year we’ll have to bring in some better soil.

That’s the thing with gardening. Nothing is guaranteed. Plant the seeds and hope they grow!! Right? I guess that’s the same with life.

Our current main growing area. But we do have gardens anywhere there is enough sun. So gardens pretty much consume our whole yard. And I love that!

If your thinking about adding a garden, just do it! Even if your limited on space. What do you have to lose? Maybe some stress relieving fun? A new found hobby or even some food to eat? I think that all sounds pretty great!



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