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Kale chips

If you haven’t had the chance to try kale chips, then you need to make this recipe! My family just loves them, and honestly I don’t make them enough. When I do, my kids run in the kitchen and gobble them up! Seriously, they don’t last long in our house. They can be quite addicting!! […]

Recipes, Vegetarian recipes

Cashew vegetable stir fry with pad thai rice noodles

It’s time to eat the rainbow. No, not literally, but you know what I mean. It’s all about variety, and getting a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Believe me, it’s not always easy! It’s something you have to consistently be aware of. Honestly, how boring would it be if we ate the […]

Recipes, Vegetarian recipes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts on a bed of whipped goat cheese & drizzled with honey….

Who loves Brussels sprouts? I know I do, and so does my family. So when we see it on a menu at a restaurant, we usually will consider ordering it. And that is exactly where we got the inspiration for this dish! One of our favorite things to do, is to go out to eat. […]