Reuben pizza

If you made the reuben sliders this week chances are you have some leftover ingredients. Today my husband took those ingredients and magically turned them into a pizza. I left for a target run with my littles not knowing how it would turn out. But I could only imagine it was going to be as good as a real reuben sandwich, and I couldn’t wait to come home. Well, It was delicious!!

Just like our reuben sliders we added our bread and butter pickles. The added sweetness balances it just right. Truly a new taste of a reuben and I’ll welcome this dish again!!

How to make it:

Start with your rolled out pizza dough and add a thin layer of thousand island dressing. Then add a thin layer of sauerkraut, corned beef and sprinkle on mozzarella and swiss cheese. Cook at 450-500 degrees. When your pizza is cooling add your sweet pickles.



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