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How to make your frozen pizza night even better…

Tonight was one of those nights, when a frozen pizza was a must! With thanksgiving days away, and a blizzard coming within hours, my shopping cart was plump with ingredients for way too many dishes. Unfortunately, dinner wasn’t one of them. Well, I guess I did have ingredients for a salad. But I was still […]

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Hearty homemade black bean soup with quinoa

How can you go wrong with a black bean soup made from scratch. Made with a bag of dried beans, homemade vegetable stock, onions, tomatoes, peppers. And a squeeze of lime and lots of cilantro. Then just enough quinoa added to make this a hearty one. This recipe is definitely a family favorite!! The veggie […]


Food and memories…

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I’ve really been thinking about food and how it creates memories. It’s fun to think back at Thanksgivings throughout the years. The ones from childhood, and growing up. And the ones with my husband’s family. And those thanksgivings as a married couple and now with kids. Wow, there […]

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Roasted chickpea, sweet kale and red quinoa wrap with homemade oven fries

I guess it’s another meatless meal. Not intentionally but I’m cooking with the ingredients I already have. Good thing my husband had some meat for lunch today lol. Roasted chickpeas actually sounded really good to me today and pairing it with my favorite salad mix and red quinoa = a win! I thought of making […]


Reuben pizza

If you made the reuben sliders this week chances are you have some leftover ingredients. Today my husband took those ingredients and magically turned them into a pizza. I left for a target run with my littles not knowing how it would turn out. But I could only imagine it was going to be as […]


Homemade pizza recipe

As promised I will share how you can make your own delicious homemade pizza! It’s really quite simple but there are a few kitchen tools that will make the process even simpler. You’ll find them below…. When we got married we were gifted a kitchen aid mixer from my husband’s parents. At the time we […]


Cauliflower Tacos topped with a sweet and spicy slaw

I love cooking with cauliflower. It’s one of those vegetables that can pass for something else, Chicken that is. This all meatless meal is delicious and super easy to make!! It would be a great addition to any taco Tuesday meal!! Ingredients for tacos: -Half a head of Cauliflower cut up in little florets. -1 […]


Reuben sliders

I love Reubens and my favorite part has got to be the sauerkraut. These little guys are delicious and super simple to make. Great for a meal during the week or on game day. What you’ll need: •1 bag of dollar buns (any small slider bun) •Thousand island dressing •Swiss cheese From the deli •Corn […]